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Crystal Healing

Is Crystal Healing for you?

Incorporating crystal healing techniques into your health maintenance and prevention routine is a powerful and effective way to complement and enhance your healing and because of it’s versatility can be used in conjunction with any other healing practice i.e. medical care, other complementary healing modalities, therapeutic techniques, etc.

What is a healing crystal?

Now that is very much going to depend on whom you ask because to tell you the truth there are as many opinions out there as there are facets to a well polished gem. Should you ask a geologist, for them, crystals are all about…

Why and how does healing crystals work?

Crystals are energy transmitters – their crystalline structure indicate that they can absorb, focus and then transmit subtle electromagnetic energy, which we see when they use quartz crystal in radios and watches, this is the same quality that is used in crystal healing.

Which healing crystals do I use for Physical Issues and Ailments?

Here you will find a list of Healing Crystals for Physical Issues. When picking healing crystals from the list always remember that your intuition is your best guide.

Which healing crystals do I use for Emotional Issues?

Healing crystals are great for supporting yourself when you are going through emotional upheaval. We so often tend to put our own needs on the back burner and look after everyone else

Which healing crystals do I use for Spiritual Issues?

Your spirit, your inner being, is a very important part of who you are and in order to live fully you need to be able to heal the spirit and anything in your energy field that might stifle your personal growth.

Are there different crystal healing techniques?

Considering the multitude of crystal healing techniques available to you for healing with crystals, my favored technique remain crystal healing layouts.

Do crystals have different healing properties?

There are no exact rules for crystal healing and the healing properties of crystals is not an exact science either.


Caring for your Healing Crystals

How do I choose a healing crystal?

Choosing a crystal for yourself whether it is the first, second, third or hundredth time is a wonderful and life changing experience.

Which are the safest and best methods to clean my healing crystals?

Clearing and cleansing crystals are very important factors to keep in mind when caring for your healings gemstones.

How do I dedicate my healing crystals & how do I attune myself to their healing energy?

Dedicating healing crystals and attuning to their healing energies are highly recommended practices in crystal healing.

How do I program, activate and charge my healing crystal?

You need to first program your healing crystal after which you will move on to activating your stone and finally charging your crystal before you work with it.


Uses For Crystals From Healing To Decorating

Can I use Crystals for protection?

The need for protection assumes that there is some negative influence that has the capability to bring harm to you and using gemstones for your protection is very powerful.

Why is it important to clear negative space?

Space clearing, especially any space where you spend a lot of your time is very important and really easy.

How do I use crystals to clear negativity?

Clearing your sacred space of any negative energy with crystals can be easily achieved, so why allow uncleared space to affect your health?

Can I use crystals purely for decoration?

Interior Decorating with crystals is fun and a little with imaginative abandon will enhance the beauty of the sacred space that is your home.