a Journey of discovery

Healthful Sensibility From One Generation to Another

We reside in shadows of Mount Hood, Oregon, where the sun is hidden much of the year. While loving all of the powers of Mother Nature, we found ourselves in need of spiritual recharging during the overcast weather months. Psychiatrists recommended pills but we knew there had to be a better way and that is when we discovered the power of gemstones and the proper alignment of chakras. Through reiki and gemstone therapy, we have both rediscovered our inner goddesses and want to do the same for you! Get your twinkle on, it worx!

Our Goals

Everyone has goals. Stores are no different. Our goal here is to make sure each and every customers who comes to us had a good experience. Whether you shop with us a lot, or this is your first time here, we want you to be comfortable and happy. We want to answer your questions, and we want to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. If we don’t carry it, the chances are high that we can find it for you. Don’t ever give up on your health goals, and we will never give up on making sure you get the protection you need.

Our Future

The future is bright for our company! We continue to grow and develop, and customers tell us what a good job we have done when they work with us to get what they want. We are expanding to offer more value and more options, which will give our customers even more reasons to come see us and appreciate all we have to offer to them. If you haven’t been in lately or this is your first time shopping with us, welcome! Come in, look around, and take this journey with us as we move into the future.